Complete lyrics to Black and White in a Grey World:

Black and White in a Grey World
Tug of War
When the World is New
Psalm 55
Your Kindness
The More I Know You
Smoke Screen
You're My Lord
Walls of Silence
You're the Same



No distinction, no emotion for right or wrong
They tell me only choice will do
No color contrast in their dull morality
The shades of good and bad are through

Situational lies, situational hate
Situational adultery
They mix the black and white so casually
Their ethics seem so vague to me

And I'm black and white in a grey world
Black and white in a grey world
Black and white in a grey world

It's not so easy finding answers in the shade
Takes some patience, takes some grit
But it's better than throwing all of your colors in the street
What's life without color in it

Ooh, I feel so out of place
Like I've landed on the moon
You can see it in my face
I don't mind being different
'Cuz I'm different for the truth

c1985 Word Music (ASCAP)


Ever since I've become one of Yours
I'm a target for kill
The enemy is on my trail
Wants to own my will

Shots of guilt with every surge
Of enticing attack
Part of me wants to surrender now
But my heart fights back

Tug of war
Pulling my mind
Back and forth
All the time

In the stillness of my lonely room
I feel the passion of God's heart
Oh, You know I want to do what's right
But I'm so torn apart

(Repeat Chorus)

c1985 Word Music (ASCAP)


I get so tired of myself
Jaded by shame
No wonder people turn away
When I give you such a bad name

But it's so nice to know

When the world is new
I will be like
Be like You

The normal life is not enough
There must be much more
This restlessness won't let me go
Until my heart is like Yours

But it's so nice to know

(Repeat Chorus)

c1985 Word Music (ASCAP)


When I cry He hears my voice
Evening, morning, and noon

Cast your cares on the Lord
And He will sustain you
He will never let the righteous fall
He will never let the righteous fall

As for me, I'll trust in Him
Evening, morning, and noon


c1985 Word Music (ASCAP)


Waiting for angry words to sear my soul
Knowing I don't deserve another chance
Suddenly the kindest words I've ever heard
Come flooding through my heart

It's your kindness that leads us
To repentance Oh Lord
Knowing that You love us
No matter what we do
Makes us want to love You too

No excuse no one to blame
No where to hide
The eyes of God have found my failures
Found my pain
He understands my weaknesses
And knows my shame
But His heart never leaves me


If You are for us
Who can be against us
You gave us everything
Even Your only Son


c1985 Word Music (ASCAP)


You're a child with endless questions
Tumbling hard and fast from your soul
Searching for the love behind my eyes

You remind me of the One who made you
Splashing in your love for living
Taken with the truth like a bird
  takes to the sky

The more I know you
The more I want you to know

You're not just a notch in my belt
Hunted by religious ego
A conquest for the narrow-minded blind

Your smile is the pulse of my heartbeat
I care what you do with your soul
There's no one like you
You're a rare and precious find


c1985 Word Music (ASCAP)

written by Leslie Phillips & Daniel Brown

You smoke-screen with your judgement words
But when the air clears you're just a scared little child
You smoke-screen but you're fearful inside
That God doesn't love you
You let fear run you wild

When someone is wrong you write them off
Never give a second chance
What if God had been that strict with you
And destroyed you without a second glance

You smoke-screen with your angelic face
You look so holy, but you're struggling inside
You smoke-screen when you point the finger
Cuz no one's looking
To see your problem with pride


c1985 Word Music (ASCAP)


Hallelujah, Hallelujah You're my Lord
And I know loving You
Is what my heart is for

Hallelujah, Hallelujah You're my Lord
And I know every day
I grow to love You more

You are my King
You are my Song
You are my Prize

I love You
I love You Lord


c1985 Word Music (ASCAP)


November evening, the warmth of families in the air
Dinner's on the table, and there's one empty chair
They had a fight this morning
He said he's never coming home
But for her it's almost normal being married all alone

That stony fear and hate
That words can't articulate
When walls of silence go up
The walls of silence, oh, oh
Our lives come down

She puts on a brave face
But they can see it in her eyes
Caught in the middle
They feel twisted up inside
They never want to come home
It just reminds them of the pain
They hope and pray that their lives
Will never end up the same


c1985 Word Music (ASCAP)


You're the same forever
Yesterday and today You will love me this way
Cuz Your heart never changes

Feelings like the desert sands
Shift with the whisper of the wind
First I feel so far from You
Then You seem so near again


Months of heartache, weeks of joy
Days that are somewhere in between
You're the timeless hope I hold
In a world of fading dreams

Jesus, Your power
To work in our lives remains the same
You are mighty, You are mighty

c1985 Word Music (ASCAP)


Producer: Dan Posthuma
Executive Producer: Brad Burkhart

Track arrangements: Dann Huff ("Black and White in a Grey World"/"Psalm
55"/"The More I Know You"/"Smoke Screen"/"You're My Lord"/"Walls of
Silence"), Alan Pasqua ("Tug of War"/"Your Kindness"/"You're the Same"),
and John Schreiner & Rhett Lawrence ("When the World is New")

Bass: Nathan East, Neil Stubenhaus
Drums: Carlos Vega, John Robinson
Guitar: Dann Huff
Keyboards: Alan Pasqua, John Schreiner
Fairlight: John Schreiner
Fairlight programming: Rhett Lawrence

Studios: Bill Schnee Studios, Goldmine West

Engineers: Dennis McKay, Dan Garcia, Rick Riggeri

Photography: Aaron Rapoport

Art Direction & Design:  Bradley Grose

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