OOG List

MH has a mailing list?


What does OOG stand for?

Orphans of God, the title of one of MH's later songs.

Will my computer get a virus from OOG?

No, but you might get the Footnote Virus.

(I joined...) What does tpam mean?

Go through.

Where do I fit in?

OOG is diverse, but we're all misfits. That's what makes us so understanding and acceptant of each other.

Why is the mail so voluminous?

We express opinions on God, life, as well as music, and occasionally MHC.

What is MHC?

Mark Heard Content.

How do I reduce the voluminous mail?

Well, unsubscribe if you're on the mailing list.

Then subscribe again, or for the first time by e-mailing this address:

And type this in the message:

subscribe orphans-of-god-digest
I hope it works!

Do the people on OOG have homepages?

e-mail me if I missed ya...