Favorite Mark Heard Songs
Another Day In Limbo: 2 votes (kry, Ed Massey)
Appalachian Melody: 1 vote (Beth P.)
Broken Man: 1 vote (Roger Hamm)
Crying Again: 3 votes (Mike Vande, Roger Dupuy, Yvon Malenfant)
Dry Bones Dance: 2 votes (Paul Mays, Mark Copley)
Eye of the Storm: 1 vote (John Given)
Freight Train to Nowhere: 2 votes (Chris Stone, John Garnet)
Golden Age: 1 vote (zardoz hanson)
Hammer and Nails: 1 vote (M. Laurel Van Maren)
He Will Listen to you: 2 votes (Steve Goodenough, Rod hanson)
House of Broken Dreams: 4 votes (Allison JAYG, brianc, Eric Townsend, Jens Liszkowski)
I Always Do: 1 vote (Mr. V)
I Just Wanna Get Warm: 3 votes (Chris Stone, Kevin, Darrell Yoder)
I'm In Chains: 1 vote (Favor Dei)
In the Gaze of the Spotlight's Eye: 1 vote (Steve H)
Is In Any Wonder: 1 vote (Anonymous)
Jonah's Song: 1 vote (Funky)
Lonely Road: 2 vote (Robert Burton Taylor, Josh T. Kuhn)
Look Over Your Shoulder: 3 votes (Matt Frazer, Logan Shaw, Phill Simmonds)
Love Is Not the Only Thing: 1 vote (Kenny, an Arky OOGer)
Love Is So Blind: 1 vote (Timothy Henze)
Mercy of the Flame: 1 vote (Brian Hancheck)
Nod over Coffee: 2 votes (adam, Lee L.)
Orphans of God: 1 vote (Callum Beck)
Pain That Plagues Creation: 3 votes (Erancal, Matt Strange)
Rise From The Ruins: 1 vote (Darren Friesen)
Satellite Sky: 1 vote (John Goossen)
Sidewalk Soliloquy: 1 vote (Mark Hays)
Some Folks' World: 1 vote (Billy Brothers)
Straw Men: 1 vote (Jeff Long)
Strong Hand of Love: 1 vote (Joe)
These Plastic Halos: 2 votes (brian, Brian Haase)
Tip of My Tongue: 2 votes (JenMuse, Brandon Pfeiffer)
To See Your Face: 1 vote (John Franchitto)
Treasure of the Broken Land: 4 votes (Chris Stone, Greg Bailey, Ramona Anne Dube, Paul Kinunen)
True Confessions: 1 vote (Kris N.)
Two Trusting Jesus: 3 votes (Craig & Debbie Hardinger, David, Dan Knight)
Washed to the Sea: 1 vote (John L. Lundquist)
Well-Worn Pages: 1 vote (Brian Sullivan)
What Kind of a Friend: 2 votes (Darren McDonald, Jonathan Nelson)

Honorable Mentions:
Age of the Broken Heart: 1 vote (Steve H)
All: 1 vote (Darren McDonald)
All Is Not Lost: 1 vote (Matt Strange)
All the Sleepless Dreamers: 2 vote (Robert Burton Taylor, Yvon Malenfant)
Another Day in Limbo: 2 votes (Brian Haase, Brandon Pfeiffer)
Appalachian Melody: 3 votes (David, Mark Hays, Callum Beck)
Broken Man: 2 votes (Timothy Henze, John Franchitto)
Brown-Eyed Sue: 1 vote (brian)
Cabin in Gloryland: 1 vote (Dan Knight)
Call Me the Fool: 3 votes (Favor Dei, Paul Mays, Yvon Malenfant)
Can't See Light: 1 vote(Kenny, an Arky OOGer;)
Crying Again: 2 votes (Billy Brothers, John Franchitto)
Dancing At the Policeman's Ball: 2 votes (Matt Strange, zardoz hanson)
Dinner at Grandma's: 1 vote (Mr. V)
Dry Bones Dance: 4 votes (Robert Burton Taylor, Ramona Anne Dube, adam, Jens Liszkowski)
Everything Is Alright: 1 vote (Mr. V)
Faces In Cabs: 1 vote (Favor Dei)
Fire: 1 vote (M. Laurel Van Maren)
Freight Train to Nowhere: 2 votes (Paul Mays, Eric Townsend)
Hammers and Nails: 2 votes (Brian Sullivan, Joe)
Happy Cornbread Anniversary: 2 votes (Funky, David)
Heart of Hearts: 8 votes (Jeff Long, Allison JAYG, Erancal, Brian Hancheck, John Goossen, kry, Mike Vande, Roger Hamm, John L. Lundquist)
He Will Listen To You: 1 vote (Darren Friesen)
Here I Am Once Again: 1 vote (Beth P.)
Hold Back Your Tears (Like You've Been Told): 1 vote (John Garnet)
House of Broken Dreams: 1 vote (Kevin)
I Just Wanna Get Warm: 5 votes (Kenny, an Arky OOGer; Logan Shaw; Phill Simmonds, Kris N., Josh T. Kuhn)
In the Gaze of the Spotlight's Eye: 1 vote (John Given)
It's Not Your Fault: 1 vote (Eric Townsend)
Lonely Road: 2 votes (Timothy Henze, Joe)
Love is Not the Only Thing: 2 votes (John Goossen, Matt Frazer)
Mercy of the Flame: 1 vote (Greg Bailey)
Moon Flower: 1 vote (Roger Dupuy)
Nobody's Looking: 1 vote (Ed Massey)
Nod Over Coffee: 7 votes (Darren Frisen, Erancal, Jonathan Nelson, JenMuse, Mr. V, Paul Kinunen, Darrell Yoder)
Nothing Is Bothering Me: 1 vote (Mike Vande)
Orphans of God: 8 votes (Jonathan Nelson, kry, Ramona Anne Dube, Roger Hamm, Logan Shaw, Brandon Pfeiffer, Josh T. Kuhn, Darrell Yoder)
Our Restless Hearts: 1 vote (Brian Haase)
Pain that Plagues Creation: 1 vote (John L. Lundquist)
Rise From The Ruins: 1 vote (Greg Bailey)
Satellite Sky: 2 votes (John Garnet, Matt Frazer)
Schizophrenia: 2 vote (zardoz hanson, Rod Hanson)
Strong Hand of Love: 2 votes (Mark Copley, Beth P.)
Talking In Circles: 1 vote (brian)
These Plastic Halos: 1 vote (Jeff Long)
Tip of My Tongue: 2 votes (M. Laurel Van Maren, adam)
Treasure of the Broken Land: 4 votes (Brian Hancheck, Brian Sullivan, Ed Massey, Mark Copley)
True Confessions: 1 vote (Paul Kinunen)
Two Trusting Jesus: 1 vote (Mark Hays)
Victims of the Age: 1 vote (Callum Beck)
Washed to the Sea: 1 vote (Jens Liszkowski)
We Believe So Well: 2 votes (Billy Brothers, Roger Dupuy)
Well Worn Pages: 1 vote (John Given)
What Kind of Friend: 1 vote (JenMuse)
Winds of Time: 2 votes (Steve H, Kris N.)
With Broken Wings: 1 vote (Rod Hanson)


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20 May 2004

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