Pam Sheyne's Songs


"Title" (Artist: album) by: author

  1. "A Little Love" (Zeitia Massiah) by: PS,Elliot Kennedy see LITTLE LOVE, A
  2. "Addicted To You" by: Pam Sheyne, Joe Belmaati, Mich Hansen
  3. "After You're Gone" by: PS, Sandra Nordstrom, Arnthor Birgisson, Anders Bagge
  4. "Ain't It Just Like a Man" by: PS, David Pack, Eliot Kennedy
  5. "Alfadis I Kletti" by: David Frank, Steve Kipner, PS, Karl Ulfsson
  6. "All I Ask Of You" (Sheena Easton: My Cherie; Ricky Peterson; Randi Winther: Deliver ME UP) by: Chris Eaton, PS
  7. "All I Need To Know" by: PS, Aron Friedman
  8. "Already Gone" by: Paul Jefferson, PS, Antoine Essertier
  9. "Always Have, Always Will" by: Jeff Pescetto, PS
  10. "Always the Same in Love" by: Chris Eaton, PS
  11. "Angel of Mercy" by: Chris Eaton, PS
  12. "Another Heart Breakdown"by: Jackie Howell, PS,Glenn Skinner
  13. "Anything" (Edyta Górniak, Helen DuBois; Joshna: Magnificence; Claire Johnston: Bounce Soundtrack--US VERSION ONLY) by: Will Mowat, PS
  14. "Baby Blue" by: PS, George McFarlane
  15. "Baby I Got Your Number" by: PS, Nikky Cook
  16. "Baby It's You" (MN8) by: Tony Swain, PS
  17. "Back For More" by: PS, Simon Ellis
  18. "Back Where You Belong" by: Erwin Keiles, PS
  19. "Bad Bad Case of Nerves" by: PS, Ian Levine
  20. "Be" by: Jason Rowe, PS, Kevin Savigar
  21. "Be Careful" by: PS, Stephen Robson
  22. "Beach Waiter" by: Ted Bruner, PS, Stephen Swindells
  23. "Been There, Done That" by: Tommy D, Matt Rowe, PS
  24. "Before I Let You Go" by: John Bettis, PS, Chris Eaton
  25. "Better Left Unsaid" by: PS, Frank Musker, Richard Darbyshire
  26. "Big Bag of Mystery" by: Cheryl Beattie, PS
  27. "Bound" by: Pelle Nylen, PS
  28. "Boyz Are From Mars" by: PS, Adraian Gurvitz
  29. "Break It Up" by: PS, Anders Bagge (BAG), Arnthor Birgisson
  30. "Break the Silence" by: PS, Matthew Gerrard, Mark Hudson
  31. "But I Do" by: Steve McClintock, PS
  32. "By Heart" (Point of Grace: Free to Fly) by: Sean Hosein, Dane DeViller, PS sound clip Lyrics
  33. "Cages" by: Anthony Little, PS -mp3
  34. "Camina" by: PS, Peter Martin, Falomir Corradini
  35. "Cold-Hearted Lover" by: Alan Glass, PS
  36. "Comfort of Our Arms" by: PS, Ian Levine
  37. "Comin' On Strong" by: PS, Franceska Aeschlimann, Chris Eaton
  38. "Could it Be You" by: PS, Adam Anders, Maribeth Derry
  39. "Couldn't Live Another" by: Glenn Skinner, PS
  40. "Couldn't Love You More" by: Michael Fotoohi, PS
  41. "Courage" by: Ian Levine, PS
  42. "Crush on You" by: Ian Levine, PS
  43. "Cry" by: Alan Glass, PS
  44. "Crying Shame" by: Aron Friedman, PS
  45. "Cuando Quieras" by: PS, Frank Musker, Richard Darbyshire
  46. "Dance" by: Mino Vergnaghi, PS, Matteo Saggese
  47. "Day Dreaming" by: Phil Manikiza, PS, Simon Stirling
  48. "Day I Get Over You" by: George Merrill, Shannon Rubicam, PS, also Eliot Kennedy possibly
  49. "Dear Diary" (M2M) by: Marion Ravn, Marit Larsen, Greg Wells, Pam Sheyne
  50. "Dear Heart" by: PS, Anders Bagge
  51. "Deja Vu" by: PS, Anders Bagge
  52. "Different Light" by: Eliot Kennedy, PS, Tim Lever, Michael D. Percy
  53. "Different World" by: PS, Paul Barry, Steve Robson
  54. "Do You Blame Me" by: PS, Peter Harris
  55. "Don't Ever Stop Givin Me Your (Love)" by: Michael Fotoohi, PS ALSO: "Don't Stop"
  56. "Don't Forget the Memories" by: PS, Ian Levine
  57. "Don't Get Me Started" by: PS, Sean Hossein, Dane DeViller
  58. "Don't Know How To Behave" by: Ian Green, PS
  59. "Don't Make Me" by: Peter Martin, PS
  60. "Don't Stop" By: Michael Fotoohi, PS
  61. "Down on the Avenue" by: Bo Walton, PS, Michael Garvin
  62. "Dragonfly" TV-Cues by: Nigel Rush, PS
  63. "Dreamer" By: Ian Levine, PS
  64. "Dreamworld" By: Sherrie Austin, William Rambeaux, PS
  65. "ESP" by: Pam Sheyne, Fred Jerkins III
  66. "Eternity" PS, Keith Stegall, Anders Hansson
  67. "Every day is Christmas" by: PS, Sam Mizell, Kevin Stokes
  68. "Every Road Leads Me Back" by: PS, Christopher Braide
  69. "Every Second Counts" by: Rick Mitra, PS, Sarah Nagourney
  70. "Everything About You" By: Alan Glass, PS
  71. "The Extra Mile" (Laura Pausini: Pokemon 2000 Soundtrack) By: PS, Andrew Frampton, Tina Arena for more info see July 23, 2000 part
  72. "Falling For You" by: PS, Tony Swain
  73. "Faster Than The Speed Of Love" by: Alan Glass, PS
  74. "Fire" by: Pam Sheyne, Bloodshy, Fredro
  75. "First Love" BY: David Frank, PS, Steve Kipner
  76. "First Thing On My Mind" BY: PS, Tony Swain
  77. "For All Mankind" by: PS, Richard Darbyshire, Frank Musker
  78. "For As Long As I Live" by: Billy Livsey, PS
  79. "For Love Alone" (CeCe Winans: CeCe Winans) Adam Anders, PS, CeCe Winans
  80. "For the Sake of Love" by: PS, Tony Swain
  81. "For What It's Worth" by: PS, Steven Pigott
  82. "For You, Kimmy" by: Erwin Keiles, PS
  83. "Forbidden Fruit" by: PS, John Rhone, Ontario Hayes
  84. "Forever Isn't Long Enough" by: Ian Levine, PS
  85. "Forget Me Not" By: PS, Johnny Williams
  86. "Found my Way to You" by: PS, Guy Roche
  87. "Free" by: Marius DeVries, PS, Alexis Smith, Naomi Streimer
  88. "Freedom" by: Alan Glass, PS
  89. "Fresh Out of Tears" by: Ian Levine, PS
  90. "Game" by: David Frank, Steve Kipner, PS
  91. "Genie in a Bottle" (Christina Aguilera) by: David Frank, Steve Kipner, PS Lyrics
  92. "Genio Atrapado" (Christina Aguilera) by:David Frank, Steve Kipner, PS (Translation: Rudy Perez) lyrics
  93. "Get On Back Together" by: Alan Glass, PS, Robert Taylor
  94. "Get You Alone" By: Eric Eden, PS, Martin Sutton
  95. "Get Your Hands Off" by: PS, Peter Rider, Carsten Schack, Kenneth Karlin
  96. "The Girl Next Door" by: PS, Sean Hossein, Dane DeViller
  97. "Girl's Mind" by: PS, Bill Padley, Jeremy Godfrey
  98. "Goodbye Baby" by: PS, Roni Meron, Andrew Bojanic, Elizabeth Hooper,
  99. "Goodbye You, Hello Me" by: Billy Burnette, Anita Spring, PS
  100. "Gravity" (Charlotte) By: Charlotte Kelly, Tim Laws, PS
  101. "Guilty" by: Rick Mitra, PS
  102. "Guy Upstairs" (Christina Millian) By: PS, Adam Anders, Christina Millian
  103. "Half the Man I Was" by: Timothy Renwick, PS
  104. "Harmony" By: Erwin Keiles & PS
  105. "He Loves You Not" (Dream) By: David Frank, Kipner Steve, PS Lyrics
  106. "Heal Me" By: PS, Phil Manikiza
  107. "Healing Hands" by: PS, Phil Manikiza
  108. "Heart Has Its Own Mind" by: PS, Aron Friedman
  109. "Heart Of A Man In The Hands Of" By: PS, Martin Sutton
  110. "Heart of Broken Glass" By: PS, Eliot Kennedy, Jorgen Kjell Elofsson
  111. "Heart to Heart" by: PS, Andy Mitchell
  112. "Heaven And Earth" by: PS, Will Mowat
  113. "Heaven and Hell" by: PS, Eliot Kennedy, Roch Voisine
  114. "Here and There" by: PS, Chris Eaton
  115. "His Love" (Frances Ruffelle) By: Anthony Clark, PS
  116. "Hold On" By: PS, Aron Friedman
  117. "Hotter Than The Summer Day" By: PS, Ian Levine
  118. "How Can I Unlove You" by: PS, Robbie Nevil
  119. "How Deep" by: PS, David Frank, Steve Kipner
  120. "Hypnotized" by: PS, Rhett Lawrence, Howard Dorough
  121. "I Am" by: PS, Tim Lever, Michael D. Percy, Kelly Thorpe
  122. "I Can't Help It" by: PS, Karsten Dahlgaard, PS, Johnny Pedersen
  123. "I Don't Care" (Angela Via: Angela Via; Delta Goodrem) By: PS, David Frank, Steve Kipner
  124. "I Don't Know Anymore" (SNZ)? By: PS, Jeff Franzel
  125. "I Don't Wanna Grow Up" by: PS, Delta Goodrem, Gary Bromham
  126. "I Found Myself In You" (Amber: Amber) By: PS, Kyle Nevan, Alex Wilson
  127. "I Must Not Chase the Boys" by: PS, Bill Padley, Jeremy (Jem)Godfrey
  128. "I Recall The Fire" By: PS, Kostas, John O'Kane
  129. "Irresistible" (Jessica Simpson) by: Anders Bagge, Arnthor Birgisson, PS
  130. "I Think Of You" By: PS, Andy Whitmore
  131. "I Wanna See You Again" By: PS, David Anthony
  132. "I Want It" By: PS, Martin Sutton
  133. "I Want You To Fall In Love With Me" By: PS, Aron Friedman
  134. "I'd Hate Myself In The Morning" By: PS, Peter Harris
  135. "I'd Set My Heart On You" By: PS, Field Paul
  136. "If I Didn't Have You" By: PS, James McMillan, Jodie Wilson
  137. "If I Were You" By: PS, Danny Cummings, Peter Gordino
  138. "If It Ain't One Thing" By: PS, Nicholas Kershaw
  139. "If Not For You" by: PS, Adrienne & Keith Follese
  140. "If Only You Knew" By: PS, David Anthony
  141. "If You Ever (Change Your Mind)" (Tina Arena: Just Me) By: Tina Arena, PS, & Ben Robbins
  142. "If You Loved Me" by: PS,Eric Eden
  143. "If You Want to Be With Me" (working title) SEE GENIE IN A BOTTLE
  144. "If You Were Mine" by: PS, Michael D. Percy
  145. "I Like It" By: PS, Ronny Artis, Emel Aykanat, Nigel Rush
  146. "I'll Be There To Love You" By: PS, Ian Levine
  147. "I Love You To Death" (Stella Soleil) By: Phil Thornalley, PS, & Stella Soleil
  148. "Imaginary Girl" by: Pam Sheyne, Fred Jerkins III
  149. "I'm Already Gone" By: PS, Antoine Essertier, Paul Jaqua
  150. "Improvise" by: PS, Fredrik Nils Stim Thomander, Anders Wikstrom
  151. "In Love" by: PS, Alan Glass
  152. "Irresistible" - So So Def Remix (Jessica Simpson) by: Anders Bagge, Arnthor Birgisson, PS, Denzil Foster, Jay King, Thomas McElroy
  153. "Is It Too Late To Pray" by: PS, Martin Sutton
  154. "It Feels Good To Me" by: PS, Simon Hurrell
  155. "It Must Be Love" by: PS,Aron Friedman
  156. "It's A Sign" by: PS, Mary Susan Applegate, Christopher Kranz, Gunther Mende
  157. "It's Got To Be You" by: PS, Alan Scott
  158. "It's Love" by: PS, Alan Glass
  159. "It's Magic" by: PS, Aron Friedman, Mark Millington
  160. "It's Not Too Late" by: PS, George McFarlane
  161. "It's Not Worth Losing You" by: PS, Steve Rosel
  162. "It's There" by: PS,BAG
  163. "It's Too Late" by: PS, Ian Levine
  164. "Jealousy" by: PS, Gary Barlow, Jorgen Kjell Elofsson
  165. "Joy Is In The Ride" by: PS, Tim Laws
  166. "Just Another Love Story" by: PS, Gilbert Cang, James McMillan
  167. "Just As Long as We're Together" by: PS, Robyn Smith
  168. "Just in Time" by: PS, Ian Levine
  169. "Just One Look" (Sonia: Better The Devil You Know, 1993) by: PS, Ian Levine
  170. "Just to Hold You" by: PS, Erwin Keiles, Russell Stone
  171. "Just You and I" by: PS, Martin Sutton
  172. "Keep This Love Alive" by: PS, Alan Glass, Robert Taylor
  173. "Kiss Away My Innocence" by: PS, Rick Mitra
  174. "Kiss Of Life" by: PS, Adam Anders
  175. "Knowing You" by: PS, Simon Hale
  176. "La Luz del Amor" by: PS, Matt Rowe, Claudia Brant
  177. "Lady Always Gets..." by: PS, Rapino Brothers
  178. "Last Dance" by: PS, Anders Bagge, Arnthor Birgisson
  179. "Lip Locking" by: PS, Peter Kirtley, Tim Hawes
  180. "Listen Sister" by: PS, Jackie Howell, Glenn Skinner
  181. "Little Love, A" (Zeitia Massiah) by: PS, Elliot Kennedy
  182. "Live Learn" by: PS, Jackie Howell, Glenn Skinner
  183. "Look But Don't Touch" by: PS, Nikki Hassman, Adam Anders
  184. "Looking From Lonely" by: PS, Wayne Cohen, Jason Rowe
  185. "Loser" by: Damian LeGassick, PS
  186. "Losing You" by: PS, Keith Beauvais
  187. "Love and Learn" by: PS, Simon Ellis
  188. "Love Can Hurt" by: PS, Timothy Renwick
  189. "Love Can't Say Goodbye" by: PS, Zsigmond Gayle, Marius DeVries
  190. "Love Is The Only Solution" by: PS, Ian Levine
  191. "Love Lies Bleeding" by: PS, Joerg Dewald
  192. "Love Song For No One" by: PS, Charlie Dore
  193. "Love Story" by: PS, James McMillan, Gilbert Cang
  194. "Love Will Bring You Back" by: PS, Ian Levine
  195. "Lovestruck" by: PS, Ian Levine
  196. "Lovin' You is the Easy Part" by: PS, John Rhone, Ontario Haynes
  197. "Make Tonight Beautiful" by: PS, Geoffrey Williams, Lemare Obika
  198. "Making History" by: PS, Tina Arena, Andrew Frampton
  199. "Me Without You" by: PS, Gary Barlow, Wayne Hector
  200. "Man In My Life" by: PS, Ian Levine
  201. "Mesmerized" by: PS, Ian Levine
  202. "MFEO" (Kavana) by: PS, Eliot Kennedy
  203. "Miracles Happen" (Myra: The Princess Diaries Soundtrack, also The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement 2004) also "Siempre Hay Milagros" by: PS, Eliot Kennedy
  204. "Mirror Mirror" (M2M) By: Sean Hosein, Dane DeViller, Pam Sheyne Lyrics at different site More lyrics Spanish lyrics
  205. "Misbehave" by: PS, Michael Norfleet, Bradley Spalter
  206. "Miss Me When I'm Gone" by: PS, BAG
  207. "More And More" by: PS, Pelle Nylen
  208. "Morning Noon And Night" by: PS, Tracy Ackerman, David Pack
  209. "Movin' On" by: PS, Andy Whitmore
  210. "Mr. Wrong" by: PS, Melone MKenzy, Richard Mitra
  211. "Mundo Magico" by: PS, Jorge Piloto, Matt Rowe
  212. "Music's Your Doctor" by: PS, Rick Mitra, Justin Ofuji
  213. "My Biggest Fear" by: PS, Dennis Morgan
  214. "My Destiny" by: PS, Eliot Kennedy
  215. "My Girl" by: PS, Rick Mitra,
  216. "My Happy Accident" by: PS, Tina Arena, Paul Brady
  217. "My Heart Has Its Own Mind" by: PS, Alan Friedman
  218. "My Imagination" by: PS, Martin Norris, Nigel Rush
  219. "My Love Will Last" by: PS, John O'Kane
  220. "My Secret" by: PS, Keith Beauvais
  221. "Mystery" by: PS, Marco Sabiu, Graziano Mallozzi, Julia Stanley
  222. "Mystery Girl" by: PS, Ian Levine
  223. "Nada E Igual A Esse A" by: PS, Nana Shara, Jeffrey Franzel, Zabele Gomes, Sarah Sheeva
  224. "Nastie But Nice" by: PS, Stephen Duberry, Alan Glass
  225. "Natural" by: PS, Aron Friedman
  226. "Natural Thing" by: PS, Alan Friedman
  227. "Never Say Goodbye" by: Carlos Edwards, Matteo Saggese
  228. "No Easy Way" by: Phil Manikiza, PS
  229. "No Pressure" (Amanda: Everybody Doesn't) by: PS, BAG and Arnthor Birgisson
  230. "No Te Voy A Perder" by: PS, David Frank, Steve Kipner, Jorge Piloto
  231. "Not That Kind of Love" by: PS, Steve Rosen
  232. "Nothing's Ever Good Enough" by: PS, Nik Kershaw
  233. "On and Off" by: PS, Adrienne Follese, Keith Follese
  234. "On The Inside" by: PS, Eliot Kennedy, Timothy Woodcock.
  235. "Once In a Lifetime" by: PS, Tony Swain
  236. "Once Upon A Time"by: PS, Alan Glass
  237. "One" (Denisse Lara: Pokemon 2000 Soundtrack) by: PS, Matt Rowe
  238. "One and the Same" by: PS, Eliot Kennedy
  239. "One Day" by: PS, Michael McDermott, Glenn Skinner
  240. "One Hundred" by: PS, Tim Lever, Michael Percy
  241. "100%" (Mary Kiani) by: PS, Tim Lever, Michael D. Percy
  242. "One Man Woman" by: PS, Chris Eaton
  243. "One Nation" by: PS, Alan Glass
  244. "Only Myself To Blame" by: PS, Erwin Keiles
  245. "Only Time Will Tell" by: PS, Alan Glass
  246. "Oo Ah Ee You" by: PS, Alan Glass, Robert Taylor
  247. "Out of the Blue" by: PS, Andrew Cunningham
  248. "Out of Time" by: PS, James McMillan, Bengt Palmers
  249. "Out On The Street" by: PS, Ian Levine
  250. "Over and Out" by: PS, BAG and Arnthor Birgisson
  251. "Perfect Family" by: PS, Phil Manikiza
  252. "Pleasure" by: PS, George McFarlane
  253. "Poet" by: PS, Steve Kipner, David Frank
  254. "Precious Love" by: PS, Simon Hale
  255. "Private Thoughts" (Josh Keaton: Josh Keaton) by: PS, David Frank, Steve Kipner
  256. "Promise Me" by: PS, Eliot Kennedy
  257. "Promises" (Billie Piper: Walk of Life c2000) by: PS, Rick Mitra, Billie Piper
  258. "Pursuit Of Happiness" by: PS, Debbie Crestwell, Holly Johnson, Eliot Kennedy, Tim Lever, George Merrill, Lucy Pargeter, Michael D. Percy, Shannon Rubicam
  259. "Real Life" (Vitamin C: More) By: David Frank, Pam Sheyne
  260. "Real Love" by: PS, additional writers unknown
  261. "Release Yourself" by: PS, Tony Swain
  262. "Religion of Love" by: PS, Rapino Brothers, Marco Sabiu, Julia Stanley
  263. "Reminds Me of You" (Louise) By: Eliot Kennedy, PS, Jeff Pescetto, B. Rey?
  264. "Rest Of My Life" by: PS, Anthony Clark
  265. "Rhythm Is Right" by: PS.
  266. "Rhythm Of The Rain" by: PS, George Hutchison, Jodie Wilson
  267. "Right Around Midnight" by: PS, Ian Levine
  268. "Right Love Wrong Time" (Brian Kennedy: Now that I Know What I Want) By: Randy Goodrum, PS
  269. "Running Out Of Time" by: PS, Jackie Howell, Glenn Skinner
  270. "Sacred Ground" by: PS, Eliot Kennedy
  271. "Satisfy" by: PS, George McFarlane
  272. "Satisfy Me" by: PS, Lisa Edwards, Ross Fraser, George McFarlane
  273. "Say What You Mean" by: PS, Marcellus Frank, Camelle Hines, Glenn Skinner
  274. "Secretly" by: PS, Brendan Beal, Andy Caine
  275. "Sensual Man" (Eternal: Eternal) by: PS, Tracy Ackerman, Jeff Pescetto
  276. "Set My Heart On You" by: PS, Paul Field
  277. "Shamelessly" by: PS, Ian Levine
  278. "She Don't Love You" by: Pam Sheyne, Bloodshy, Fredro
  279. "She Said" by: PS, David Frank, Lindy Robbins
  280. "She Wants You" (Billie Piper; Randi Winther: Deliver ME UP) by: PS, Tim Laws
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  284. "Since You" by: PS, Wade Robson
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  290. "Somebody" by: PS, Brett Laurence, Jodie Wilson
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  371. "You Take Me" By: Tim Lever, Mike Percy
  372. "Your Eyes Always Lie by: Alan Glass & Pam Sheyne
  373. "Your Shadow" (Claire Johnston) by: PS, Christopher Neil, Martin Sutton
  374. "Yours Faithfully" (Rebbie Jackson) by: PS, Eliot Kennedy

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