To the Tune of Meredith Brooks' "B-tch" c2-3-01 By Allison & Jennifer (Allison's version)
I love the world today
At least that's what I used to say
Before you came into my life
And brought so much extra strife
I'm not so innocent and it's all because of you

You're a rat, you're a jerk
You couldn't make things work
I gave you more chances
Than you ever deserved

You're a guy, you make me sigh
And you always lie
What makes you think / you're always right

I was attracted to your smile
I didn't know that you'd turn out so vile
You made me fall off track
And you stabbed me in the back
I tried to get over you, but there was nothing I could do

(repeat chorus)

I've lost touch with you
It doesn't matter cause you were so cruel
Now that time has passed
I am free at last
I'm going to have a blast out on my own, now that we are through

Bridge: Just when you think
You've got me for-ev-er
I'm already thinking of leaving