Poetry from 1997

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The way you give unselfishly But you ignore the main priority And it just makes me upset I feel indebted to you, yet Maybe I'll leave you and you'll cry But tears are presently running through tonight You love me, but your love Tells me the limits of Your humanness 9/97

Not Here

Tears come easy now The long day ends but how Do I close my weary eyes When you're not here Time and faith seem gone And Jesus, whom I lean upon Will restore my joy to become new As I keep my thoughts on you How and why and when and where Will I also meet you there The mistake was meant to be It led to eternity And to hear these awesome words That I have so often heard I have now closed my weary eyes But you're still not here 1997

Random Word

Summer rain falls Summer rain falls decidedly And my hopes grow And my hopes grow steadily Come once again I feel you're near Fall in my footsteps And whisper in my ear The random word Mercy overflows Mercy overflows from your cop Darkness drowns Darkness drowns from the light of your love 1997


Years and fears and tears and mirrors Reflecting back at me Plans and hands, demands and fans Blowing me away I wish you had waited I wish you had faith I wish you had waited For Someday Younger wisdom, age's guilt The thunder in the night Love's depart, shining hearts What's left of a candlelight And He is our refuge Who gives us a hope Oh to see Jesus' face We will Someday 7/97

You Saw the Tears

There is a hope in this dark night It is waiting for its finder It reaches beyond pain, beyond death There is a peace in this troubled heart Freedom and rest in what is to come It reaches past despair and heavy burdens You saw the tears that fell From my eyes, so many times You can heal my broken life Through your power, you will give me faith 7/97

Jesus Sees

Simplicity, consistency Truth in simple things Life by death, something left Soaring on angel's wings And Jesus sees you in your despair And Jesus sees you pray your prayer Convalescent, evanescent Only time will tell Fool's gold, lies told And the burning fire in hell And Jesus sees you in your despair And Jesus sees you pray your prayer He will relieve your pain in time He will answer you question, why Jesus sees Jesus sees 1997

Echoes of Eden

I want to lock my shadow In a door Reaching for something more Than whispers from the dark, though The other side seems brighter Keep me far from these echoes of Eden There's a fork in the road And angels of darkness point a certain way But I must follow Your star that shines To the path that winds To a desolate cross Where my fears have been lost You help me find the way Home to You 1997


The subtle silence when you know you're alone The vicious way dusk turns to twilight Coalescing with the ground beneath my feet The merciful moment when you heard my cry Tears come without invitation But I resist this pressing temptation With Your hand I can touch the universe By faith You move this sin's curse And I am free, I am new, I am inspired The mark that time leaves on your skin The ways that change creeps up and appears Oh the joy that diminishes despair And the hope that keeps me here Hardship tells a story of its own And longing will one day be fulfilled Unselfish souls will stun you speechless But not like His face, in its glory revealed And I am free, I am new, I am inspired Aug. 27, 1997

3 o'clock

The sky is black, my thoughts are grey As I wake to despair that lies in today The things I forgot, the things I'll never do Suddenly, vividly, seem so true 3 o'clock rings out so clear That I can feel failure so near This hour lies in every night A snare to banish the soul's delight Fall asleep and do not ponder The depressing fear of your mind's wander The sun will soon come again 1997

Remember When

Pursue the dreams that run away Catch the wind, you must, you may Make a garden from a seed Do not fall behind, but lead And when life slowly fades You have the feeling it soon will end You will smile and remember Remember when Tears kept on flowing You kept on going Encouraged those by your faith Remember when I was a stranger and you let me in No, you don't remember But I remember when 1997

Too Far Away

Burning tears Find me here On the ground Hearing sounds Foreign, yet familiar Far from my soul But dear to my heart And they bring up Answers failing to imitate truth And the rain falls quietly Unbeknownst to me And the children die I haven't even heard their cry It's too far away Fleeing shadows Turn to Morning's laughter Dangerously close To what angels know Far away dreams Become sweet miracles Unlike vibrant strings And rusted pans

What I've Found

The crimson sky greets me sordidly A tear drops from heaven right at my feet The rain falls on the roses and trees Oh blessed is he that believes By Grace through Faith you can be saved By the blood of the Son, who the Father gave The wind blows your blessings to a distant land But no one can take me from your righteous hand No condemning words to bring me down Except the disapproval of loved ones when they see what I've found Why can't they see what I've found It's love that can heal a broken soul Peace that calms you when grief takes its toll But those blind eyes can't see The changes inside of me They prefer death to life Not joy, but strife I hope you'll reach them soon I pray as I grasp for the moon It's beyond my grasp But Father, nothing is impossible to you... 1997

I Will Testify

It's hard to love, It's hard to show you care It's hard to be real, When there's so many burdens to bear Can I just lay them at your feet? Can I just tell them what you've done for me So I, I will testify Of the loving hands That were nailed to the cross Where I, I was set free from my sin Now my gains are but lost Faith in You is, Faith in Jesus Who rose from the dead Conquering the impossible Can I - just worship your name Can I - just tell them what You've done for me 8/25 1997

You Are

Oh - if I were to count the ways You made me smile The subtleties of simplicity Would keep me counting for awhile You Are the beginning and the end You are my Saviour, the Creator You Are God, but chose to become a Man You Are- But it's hard to understand Oh- If I were to be here on my own My eyes would drown with tears The sadness of no hope Would increase my fears But You Are the beginning and the end You are my Saviour, the Creator You Are God, but chose to become a Man You Are- But it's hard to understand 1997