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Able to Survive We're not talking about A normal situation Black shadows cover my opalescent heart So you can't see There's only one way to escape The overwhelming pain But why give up now? I'm only three feet from relief hope whispers a gentle word faith clashes with the opposing darkness and I'm able to survive Your mercy is New every morning But mistakes are hiding Under the surface of success I tumble over Disoriented by my fall I'm not sure I can go on With my weariness hope whispers a gentle word faith clashes with the opposing darkness I'm able to survive Your strength is there To carry me Beyond the fire Past where I can see And if doubt should come To take me away I'll hold on to truth Calling Your name and hope whispers a gentle word faith clashes with the opposing darkness and I am able to survive -Allison, 9/98
Interesting Story Gigantic burning furnaces A billion light years away I'm not sure if those stars Are the campfires the gods made What goes up must come down Unless it goes far enough And escapes to where I am bound Trying to be open-minded When I've already found the truth And somehow deception Will then try to break through He says that's the way it is Can't change because he's tried So will I shun him or listn in case he knows something I need to find Information travels so fast I couldn't keep up with it if I wanted to Haven't enough time, wonder what I should do In my spare time... I could write pages to publish somewhere And I'd hope I could meet you there I'll take an educated guess Until I find the answer If it ever comes, or If anyone will confess I observe what you're doing It doesn't look scientific to me Though you're using the scientific method You want me to be impressed With your explanation of truth But you're wrong although I won't say so It might be a lesson to be learned A prerequisite for the future or Just an interesting story 8/98
Mystery of Christ Look into my eyes Watch for the tears or a sparkle of laughter Look into my heart See the despair I battle with The burden you've cause that I long to forgive My words only fall Like the angels that tried to rise above Here I am held by All of the things I'm not sure of But I'm reaching and looking into The sweet mystery of Christ 8/19/98
So Deep I've highlighted judment While considering mercy Contemplated justice When forgiveness was required The answers seemed so clear But I don't really know now I pray for rest from my humanness I'm so weak and so tired I'm restless from seeking You I don't know what to do Forgive the errors I've made unconciously And never, oh never abandon me So love is essential No one is exempt From needing to see kindness He bestows to those who need I see your bitter heart engulfed With unforgiveness stored deep So deep you have the dangerous excuse To keep it and not let it go Oh dear Lord see my heart It's falling apart with grief I need relief from these feelings of fear Or failure should find me here I have no love inside of me My past lies in front of me I cannot speak but with Your words I pray You will be heard 7/16/98
You Did Not Know I could leave this place without Ever looking behind There are so many things I have yet to find I'm searching for the right phrase To express my fear But if tomorrow should come It will not find me here Until you spoke those words I felt alone You said what I felt Though you did not know 7/14/98
Rise Fine line between insight and deception What I think is often what I fail to mention I rise to find life different than my dreams I only hope not to fall like the autumn leaves
What To Do With Truth It lies there in the open But they can't see They're caught in the Habit of mendacity Quixotic daydreams Fill their airy minds They're looking to Live for a good time We can't get rid of the fools We forgot what we knew We can't stay here Because failure moves near They don't know what to do with truth So they leave it alone They consider making a profit with it But its market lies unknown To them 6/98
Which Way the Wind Blows I stop asking questions for the sake of looking intelligent And I keep missing someone I've never met I turn from the unmerciful sun And hope my life has not just begun Quiet dusk Fading shadows I've forgotten I cease looking for synonyms of love I will know it when it comes I know my feelings, feel what I know I'm afraid to stay and I fear to go Quiet dusk Fading shadows I've forgotten You keep me in Your hand yet I fear getting lost I only have my memories, and they amused and taunt My whimsical aspirations My unsettled contemplations Quiet dusk Fading shadows I've forgotten Which way the wind blows 6/98
Yet To Overcome I have so many thoughts I don't know how to express I have so many things I don't want to confess And sometimes it's me, that wants to stir controversy And sometimes it's You, carrying me through Is there an answer or a question I must face Will there come a time when my fears will be allayed I reach for something higher than the average dream But my passion comes, and then suddenly it leaves There is laughter waiting in my heart There are tears left to be cried Yesterday I felt like living And today I want to die But I see the beauty you've given my life And the despair doesn't lift overnight But I won't let my emotions run me When I can't think clearly There are things yet to be learned And sorrows yet to overcome 6/29/98