Poetry - 1999


Going Away | I Am Wrong | Rambling | Tree Bark Blue |

Tree Bark Blue Why would you name your daughter Ruby Why would you color the tree bark blue Why would you take the truth for a mistake And never give a reason for what you do Why did you break my heart wide open Why did you tell me you'd follow through Why did you need to hold to your greed And tell me the unfinished stories you knew 12/9/99
Going Away I never used to take chances on playing with the rules But I took a risk once and couldn't stop Because I found that law is such a stately thing And should not be such a part of life Oh discoveries like this have kept me alive I like to drive a little too fast on this one back road Where I sometimes find deer and always fishing men I especially love it at sunset when the colors hit my eye And the mountains in the background tell me Go faster, get home early And I like to laugh with a stranger and dare to ask his name And then never, never see him again And I like to swear sometimes in front of people who least expect it And think that I'll say something nice Although sometimes I decide to think twice And I've quit anything that has wasted my time I'll disregard a notion if it doesn't seem right Cause I don't want to be Caught in my existence Yet I don't want to do whatever I want There is such a harmony, such a perfect thought When I have helped you and you have guided me I never used to drift so far away from where I lived But people move or become someone else And although beauty is hidden inside you I am going away too I am going away too 4/1/99
I Am Wrong I am wrong Audrey is wrong The homosexual is wrong Bill Clinton is wrong My mother is wrong Your father is wrong That biology teacher is wrong The priest is wrong We have not yet discovered how To prove another wrong with love
Rambling I'm in love with a stranger I smile at the guy with no teeth and mean it There's a hole in the ground I purposely fall in it Then I'm shocked when I can't get back out I know I have cancer But I won't go to a doctor Because the truth would ruin my fantasies And because I'm not sure I want to live or die But it still hurts Sometimes I wish I was naive And didn't knew know destruction was up ahead I might be happier When I was young I was happy I must have been oblivious To the facts To the rules To the way things were I'd like to change Things Me The World I can't, so I wonder... If this were a song with a really fast tempo They wouldn't know what I was saying Unless they happened to glance at the lyric sheet But then they would just laugh Because they wouldn't think I was actually serious And I could get away with ... With whatever I was trying to get away with I ask questions Like why do I just go on rambling Unless I'm with people I am severely acquainted with And am, then, silent? 1/99