Poetry - 2000 - By Allison M

Poetry from 2000

| I'm Not Brave | Tribute to Mariah Carey

I'm Not Brave No, I'm not brave but I see something's wrong No, I'm not aware what exactly's going on And if I was it'd be cruel For I'd have to tell you The truth And it'd haunt me if I lied And you'd yell if I told what was real Oh, but it's real I confess that it's real More than you or I sometimes We don't dare to cry sometimes We just sigh and lie then die Agonizing over what did not get done And over what did We were told never to be satisfied And that's why sometimes I lied To pretend everything's OK No, I'm not brave c 2000
Tribute to Mariah Carey "I make more money on 2 albums that you will in a lifetime" And I say shut up Mariah Carey If everyone was like you It would be scary And I have a problem With your high-faultin' Snottiness Cause when your attitude's your best You show the lowest of the low Society can go