Poetry - 2001 - By Allison McCulloch

The Death Penalty

| Death Penalty |

Death Penalty What I think from watching movies like Dead Man Walking/The Green Mile. I still think it's funny I still see blank stares I still look out from my cell thinking no one cares There's no sister Prejean To rescue me I'm just sitting here cause I got the death penalty I never liked the jerk who got shot on the street I saw the crime report on the TV I know who did the murder and it wasn't me But I still got the death penalty I shouldn't have got caught I thought of all the ways I might be trapped But the police came And gave me the rap The death penalty should be abolished When you're facing the chair And you're thinking of rats on your dead body And all those who didn't care The death penalty should be outlawed In the constitution Maybe my death Will cause a revolution c allison mcculloch 3/01