Allison McCulloch Management Communications 9:00 A.M. MWF Dear Lucy Johnson, Do you need an up-to-date computer at a low cost? If you are looking to replace your old and worn-out computer, I have a perfect one for you. Your computer may only be a couple years old, but you find it's outdated. I recently bought a wonderful Dell computer. However, my new job provided me with a new laptop, which I do all of my work on. Now I am looking for a home for my practically new computer. Let me tell you what the Dell computer is like. It's an Intel Pentium 4 processor at 1.6GHz with 128MB SDRAM, a 40GB1 Hard Drive, and a 16" viewable monitor. I purchased the Dell computer for $999, but I would love to give it to you at the discounted price of $550. Please let me know right away if you would like this computer. I know of a couple other people who are interested. Please call me as soon as you have reached your decision, as I will let the first person who offers take the computer. Sincerely, Allison McCulloch