Allison McCulloch 308 Hollow Tree Court Nashville, TN 37221 Account: 6011017348999199 Discover Card 1200 12th Avenue Annapolis, MD 02110 Dear Discover Card, Please be aware that I sent my payment of $57 for the August 2001 payment well before the deadline. I have received the September statement showing a late fee charge. Incidentally, my check (#273) has not cleared. 1. Please refund my late payment and credit my balance. 2. Enclosed is the last month’s payment and this month’s payment, to avoid more charges. 3. Since my check has not cleared, I assume the check was lost. Please do not cash the old check (#273) if found. I am sure this was an accident and you will credit me for the incorrect late payment fee I was charged. Sincerely, Allison McCulloch