Distracted, by Allison McCulloch


Feel like Iím on a run away train
Every day keeps getting more unclear
I was certain Iíd get a better job
But I settle for whatís there so I can get along
And thereís not help and thereís no comfort here

But I keep telling myself
I just have to carry on cause one day Iíll reach
The place that I have always meant to go
But I have been distracted from my journey
They give me no control of my future and (say to own his each)

Forget youíre running a tiresome race
And someone asks if youíll take their place
And when you do and you resign
They say youíre crossing the line
You have to keep on going and thereís nothing you can do

(Repeat chorus)
© 5/2/2000 Allison McCulloch

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