Allison McCulloch's List of Songs
Title Genre Additional Writer(s) Date
Devious Alternative  
All I Know Christian Oct-99
All These Years Christian 9/28/99
Away Too Long Christian  6/8/99
Beauty of the Redness Christian 96
Call Out (10/25/99) Christian  
Carry Me Through (1/29/99) Christian  
Censor Me (7/22/00) Christian  
Chain (11/3/99) Christian  
Clouded By Doubt Christian 98
Deep In Love Christian Oct-99
During the Storm Christian 7/19/99
East Christian 98
For You Christian 9/23/99
Forgiven Christian Apr-97
Free In You Christian 5/24/99
From days Gone Past Christian 10/5/00
Germanium Christian 98
Girl Christian 5/28/99
Gloria Christian 8/13/99
God Who Christian Oct-99
Holy Is the Lamb Christian 2/3/99
Holy, Worthy Christian  
Home Christian 8/12/98
I Don't See It Myself Christian 9/28/99
I Don't Think Christian 7/10/99
I Forgot Everything Christian 99/00 
I Pray Christian 5/19/00
I Was Wrong Christian Feb-99
I Will Praise You Christian  
I Will See You Again Christian Apr-95
I Will Testify Christian 8/25/97
If You Have Faith Christian 8/30/00
I'll Always Know Christian 5/30/99
I'm Alone Christian 1/29/99
Increase My Faith Christian 98
Is It Enough Christian  
It's OK Christian 2/4/99
It's So Bad Christian 10/13/00
Jesus Sees Christian 4/10/97
Katie Believes Christian 96?    
Keep Me In Your Hands Christian 5/7/99
Legalism Christian 4/9/00
Let Me Christian 5/21/99
Let Me Love You More Christian 3/16/99
Let Your Spirit Come Christian 1/9/97
Limiting Christian  
Little Time Left Christian  
Low Christian 3/10/98
Make Me New Christian 6/9/00
Many Reasons Christian 99
Micah 7:19 Christian 99
Must Be a Dream Christian 6/22/98
My Precious Lord Abm Christian 12/30/98
Mystery of Christ Christian 8/19/98
No One is Innocent Christian 3/10/99
Nothing to fear Christian  
Nothing You Can Do Christian  
Open My Eyes Christian  
Psalm 19 Christian  
Psalm 24 Christian  
Psalm 38 Christian  
Psalm 91 Christian  
Remember When Christian  
Rescue Me Christian  
Satisfied Christian 11/13/98
Set On Mercy Christian 5/18/00
Silence, Ignorance Now (3/30/00) Christian  
Sky Was Green,The Christian 2/8/98
So Deep Christian 7/16/98
So Let Me Sing Christian  
Soften the Sorrow Christian 7/4/98
Some of the Answers Christian 4/13/99
Someday Christian Jul-97
Still Christian  
Sympathize Christian  
Take My Heart Christian  4/26/00
Tears and Memories Christian 7/1/98
Tears I Cry Christian  
To Me Christian  
Too Far Away Christian  
Tori Christian  
Vallesillo Christian  
Vanitiy of Vanities Christian  
Wait Christian  
Walking Around Christian  
Wasn't As Sweet Christian  
What is the Point Christian 7/14/00
What's It (11/16/00) Christian  
When Faith Gets Complicated Christian  
When Words Come Christian  
Why Have I Forgotten Christian  
Why I Left Them Behind Christian  
With His Love Christian  
Words (AJG) Christian  
Yet To Overcome Christian  
You Are (Jesus Sees) Christian  
You Know Christian  
You Must Be Christian  
You Must Remember Christian  
Yours in Kindness Christian  
Avoiding Little Jesus Christmas  
Baby Jesus Blues Christmas  
Jesus Christ, the Lord Christmas  
(My Search is) Done Country 9/17/99
Ain't No Turnin' Back Country Brent Lumkin  
All Because of You Country 5/29/00
Always Forever Love Ya Country Brent Lumkin  
Angels Fly Away Country 9/14/00
Askin' For Trouble Country 97
At Least Not To My Mind Country Brent Lumkin  
Back To Me Country 6/4/00
Better Man Country 9/6/99
Bigger Hero Country 5/29/00
Blind Country 9/10/00
Bye Bye Buck Country 4/11/00
Could it Be Love Country 10/19/99
Country Never Got to Me Country 10/24/00
Crystal Clear Country Brent Lumkin  
Cupid's Arrow Country Brent Lumkin  
Divine Exit Sign Country 1/31/00
Do It All Again Country Brent Lumkin  
Don't Break the Heart that Loves You Country Brent Lumkin  
Don't Give Me That Country 9/23/99
Don't Wanna Be Low Down Country 10/18/00
Dreaming of His Love Country Brent Lumkin  
Fading Memory Country Brent Lumkin  
Falling Stars Country Tara Muck  
Fell in Love With You Last Night Country Brent Lumkin  
First Move Country Brent Lumkin  
Forever for Forever Country 6/27/99
Get Me Through Country 11/8/99
Givin' Yourself Away Country 10/27/00
Going to Leave Country 6/17/99
Good & Dead Country 1/31/00
Heaven Bound Country Brent Lumkin  
Hello Mama Country Brent Lumkin  
I Ain't That Crazy Country 8/2/00
I Don't Need You Country 6/4/00
I have My Doubts Country Brent Lumkin  
I Know Everything About You Country 2/1/00
I Never Thought Country Brent Lumkin  
I Will Be Here Country Jun-99
I'll Never Forget Again Country Oct-00
In a Single Breath Country Brent Lumkin  
In My Dreams Country Brent Lumkin  
Inside My Heart Country Brent Lumkin  
It Ain't Over ('Til It Hurts) Country 9/1/99
It Didn't Mean a Thing Country 9/14/00
It's Love Country 11/6/99
I've Seen the Light Country Brent Lumkin  
Leave You For Good Country 6/30/99
Left With Broken Dreams Country Feb-99
Let Me Ask You Country 8/29/99
Like I Did With You Country Brent Lumkin  
Live Through the Hard Times Country 6/15/99
Losing Someone Country Nov-98
Love is a Chance Country Brent Lumkin  
Love is Hate GRO Country 99
Love Never Grows Old Country 9/28/00
Loving Me, Loving You Country Brent Lumkin  
Low Down and Out Country Brent Lumkin  
Make Love of it Country 4/29/00
Man of My Dreams Country 3/6/99
Matter of When Country 3/12/99
Meant For Me Country Brent Lumkin  
Memories in My Heart (Janet's Song) Country Oct-98
My Heart Gets Going Country Brent Lumkin  
My Precious Man Country 99
Never Love Again Country 1/11/98
Never Worked Out Country 99
New Country Country 4/7/00
Not Going to be a Fool Country  
Nothing to Lose Country 2/22/98
On Your Love Country Tara Muck  
One More Song Country Tara Muck  
Out of Here Country 10/17/99
Out of My Mind Country Brent Lumkin  
Part that I Missed Country 11/15/98
Please Don't Say Goodbye Country Brent Lumkin  
Reason Why, A Country 2/9/99
Reminds Me of You Country Brent Lumkin  
Ride Country 8/4/00
Right About Now Country 8/27/00
Romeo & Juliet Country 5/15/00
Roses Wither and Fade Country Aug-00
Shadows on the Wall, The Country Brent Lumkin  
She Keeps Running Country Tara Muck  
She Was Gone Country 98/99   
She'll Always Apologize Country Brent Lumkin  
Solid As Stone Country Brent Lumkin  
Start Over Country Nov-99
Still Here - GRO? Country 99
Still Makin' Me Blue Country Brent Lumkin  
Such a Fool Country 6/27/00
Sundays Country 2/7/99
Sure Country 4/1/99
Survival of the Fittest Country Brent Lumkin  
Take a Hint Country 10/17/99
Take Him Back Country 5/31/99
Test of Time Country Brent Lumkin  
They Do Country 4/29/99
They Say-Chr Country 4/25/99
They'll Survive Country Brent Lumkin  
This is For Real Country Brent Lumkin  
This Time Country Feb-99
This Town Country 8/31/99
To Be in Love Country Brent Lumkin  
Too Late Country 11/24/98
Treat Me Like You Need Me Country 10/27/00
Unlucky in Love Country Brent Lumkin  
Up in Heaven A-Cryin' Country Brent Lumkin  
Up in Heaven High Above Country Brent Lumkin  
Vain Country 4/29/00
Wanna Be a Fool Country 11/4/99
What I'm Looking For Country 1/28/00
What Would You Do Country Brent Lumkin  
When I Had You Country Brent Lumkin  
Where is He Tonight Country 4/17/99
Why We're Alive Country Mar-00
Wild Sensitivity Country 10/12/99
Wise in His Own Eyes Country 99
Wish You Hadn't Come (type) Country 6/9/99
With You Country Tara Muck  
Without You Country 2/16/99
Woken Up Country 98
Won't Care At All Country 8/24/99
Worse Than a Broken Heart Country 3/15/99
Wrong Again Country 5/8/99
Wrong Way Country 98
Yeah Right Country 10/28/99
You Can Go Country Tara Muck  
You Can't Deny Country Brent Lumkin  
You Don't Know Country 8/17/99
You wouldn't Fall For Me Country 7/17/00
You're Crazy Country 11/4/99
You're Not the Man Country 99
Alternative,The Folk  
Amurru Folk  
Angie Folk 99
Angola Folk 3/19/99
Another Chance Folk 1/14/00
Battle Between Two Evils Folk Oct-99
Believe in Humanity Folk 11/5/00
Canada Folk 12/7/99
Carriage Hill Folk 98
Christmas Traditions Folk 11/10/99
Coffee in the Garage Folk 3/14/00
Come True Folk Feb-99
Controlling Folk 8/9/99
Dave Folk Dec-99
Do I Dare Folk 9/21/99
Doesn't Make Sense Folk 12/23/99
Dreams Folk 9/12/00
Easy to Fall Folk 12/23/99
Ellie Folk Dec-99
Everything But You ? Folk 9/21/99
Fallen Out of Love Folk 98
Fill the Sea Folk 9/29/99
For the Money Folk 6/24/99
Gallatin Folk 8/12/99
Give or Take Folk 7/31/99
Going Away Folk 4/1/99
Handful of Tragedies Folk 1/31/00
Honey Watch Out Folk 3/31/00
I Don't Folk 99
I Don't Think So Folk 3/16/99
I Left You Folk 11/4/99
I Take It Back Folk 12/5/99
I Won't Fake It Folk Feb-00
I'd Like to Find You Again Folk 5/3/00
I'd Stop Talking Folk  
If You Could Have Anything Folk 9/11/00
I'll Move to Canada Folk 12/7/99
I'm Not Traveling Far Folk 2/26/00
I'm Trying To Hide Folk 10/4/00
In the Cold Folk 12/10/99
Joy and Sorrow Folk 8/31/00
Last Chances Folk 6/26/99
Lie, A Folk 2/23/00
Life Is Folk 3/30/00
Life of My Own,  A Folk 11/4/99
Like Silver Folk 1/29/00
Like You Said It Would Folk 6/22/05
Losing Me Folk 2/25/00
Maybe he's a little lost today Folk 9/28/00
Mistook for Light Folk 6/2/99
Moronic Folk 10/4/00
My Darling Folk 12/23/99
My Love Folk 5/21/99
News & Views Folk  
Next Week Folk 12/9/99
No One Else Will Folk 11/21/99
Only One Folk 11/21/99
Only Wanted You Folk 6/7/99
Our Dreams Will Take Flight Folk 10/18/00
Peaceably Folk 99
Pearl Harbor (Blew Away) Folk 4/20/00
Perfect Chance Folk  
Post Modern World Folk 1/9/00
Revolt Folk 11/29/99
Ride Away on The Wind Folk  
Rules of the Blind Folk 6/6/00
Sense Folk 10/9/00
Separated By Goodbye Folk 10/5/00
Silence, Ignorance Now Folk 3/30/00
Sincerely, Me Folk May-00
Slam the Door Folk  
So Logical Folk 12/9/99
Some Things Folk 11/9/99
Some Thoughts Folk 7/30/99
Sometimes Looking Back Folk 7/30/99
Star of the World Folk 10/6/00
Stay Folk 97/98  
Supposed to Be Perfect Folk 5/27/99
Sure of My Fate Folk 10/9/00
Sweet Relief Folk 10/16/99
Take A Stand Folk 2/9/00
That Far Folk 12/21/99
That's What You Really Want to Hear Folk Apr-00
Then You Run Folk 2/14/00
They Don't Believe Folk  
Things Change Folk 12/12/99
Thrown Away Folk 7/31/99
To You Folk 2/26/00
Told Me So GRO Folk 7/13/99
Truth Won't Get Out,The Folk 10/2/00
Uncomprehensible Folk 97
What Have I Learned Folk 8/21/00
What I Learned Folk 1/3/00
What if I Told You Folk 12/12/99
What You Say Folk 7/20/99
When the Time Comes Folk May-00
Where You Are Folk 9/30/99
With What Little I Got Folk 11/2/00
Working In America Folk 11/8/00
You Can't Return Folk 9/6/99
You Kids Folk  
You Make Be Believe Folk 11/7/99
You Weren't Dreaming Folk 1/6/00
You'll Want to Be There Folk  
You're a Good Kid Folk Apr-00
You're Catching On Folk 3/3/00
Baby You Are Mine Pop 4/21/99
Desperately Pop 99
Disappearing Act Pop 1/2/99
Easy (On My Heart) Pop 6/26/99
Heaven in Your Eyes Pop  
Hold You in My Arms Pop Mari  
How I Feel Pop 7/29/99
I See It In You Pop 2/15/99
I Will Be Here For You Pop 99
If You Want To Break My Heart Again Pop 5/11/99
If You Will Be Mine Pop Michael Lerman  
I'll Be Home Pop 7/31/99
I'll Make You Happy Somehow Pop  
Is It Gonna Rain Pop  
It'll Be Alright Pop 10/8/99
Just For Us Pop 10/20/00
Love Me Again Pop 9/28/99
Only to You Pop  
Out of Place Pop 98
Random Word Pop 97
Say I Do Pop  
Show Me A Sign Pop 8/27/00
Someone Like You Pop 7/15/98
Sweeter Love Pop 5/21/99
Sweetest Words Pop 3/24/98
Tear Me Apart Pop 7/23/00
Tragedy Pop 8/12/00
Waiting For You Pop 10/22/00
What Color is the Rain Pop 97
When You Were Near Pop Fritz Souder  
You (Can't) Control Me Pop  
You've Won me Over Pop  
Cannelloni & Muscatel Trad Folk  
Clara Trad Folk  
Come Again Trad Folk 5/6/99
Did They Really Trad Folk 10/22/99
Escape from the Shadowy Land Trad Folk 3/7/00
Eveline Trad Folk 6/2/99
Fifty Cents Trad Folk 1/10/00
He Don't Know It Trad Folk 1/29/00
I Like Jesus Trad Folk 3/7/00
In Heaven Trad Folk 9/23/99
Letter Opener Trad Folk 98
Lonely As I'll Ever Be Trad Folk 1/17/00
Mistook for Light Trad Folk 6/2/99
Poor Trad Folk 99
Praise & Glory Trad Folk  
Purchased With a Price Trad Folk 6/30/99
Ruth Trad Folk 1/31/00
She Didn't Understand Trad Folk  
Stay Alive Trad Folk Sep-99
Three Weeks Trad Folk  
Till I Die Trad Folk 7/4/99
Wanted To Die Trad Folk 4/30/99
Way Things Are/Content Trad Folk Jan-99
We Can't Pay Trad Folk 6/30/99
Wedding Band Trad Folk Jan-99
When You Say His Name Trad Folk 7/29/98