Soon to Come to Allison's Songwriting

Soon to Come...

Below are titles of songs that I've written and completed, but have not posted and/or copyrighted yet. Please let me know if you'd like to see any of these songs.

Christian songs:

All I Know: slow, piano
Call Out: a theme of desperation
Clouded By Doubt: folk
Deep In Love: imagined I had to write a song for Jaci Velasquez, so I came up with something as cornily happy as I could
Different Lights of Grace: instrumental
East: slow, thoughtful song
Falling Over the Edge: I have a melody in my head, but it's not written out. The vision I have for this song is like something Michelle Tumes would do.
Free In You: the first time I imagined I was designated the task of writing a song for Jaci Velasquez, I wrote this
Germanium: a ska song
Girl: a song about being female in the body of Christ
Gloria: praise & worship song
God Who: after watching a TLC special, I decided to try my hand at writing Christian R&B
Heaven in Your Eyes: sad pop song
Increase My Faith: acoustic, lyrics that demand a response
It's OK: about forgiving
My Precious Lord: minor, folky, praise & worship
Psalm 24: praise & worship
The Sky was Green: another ska song
Sweetest Words: short pop song, kind of like a prelude
Sympathize: alternative, from Romans
Walking Around: my last ska song
When Words Come: piano-based, about human-failure
PS-I don't play ska, but I've just written these three songs; they seem to fit into the ska category, because while they are meant to be taken seriously, they don't seem very serious musically

Country songs:

At Least Not to My Mind: slow, thoughtful, song that I co-wrote
Come True: Folk, non-rhyming
Desperately: it actually could be pop; it's a slow love song on piano
If I Could Do It All Again: upbeat, song I co-wrote
Letter-Opener: bluegrassy, a man kills his wife and tries to get away w/ it
Love Is Hate: contradictory and upbeat
Matter of When: I'm convinced it's a country hit!!
Please Don't Say Goodbye: up-beat, song that I co-wrote
Stuck in Macon: bluesy
Sundays: somehow I got an idea: "Sundays I don't get no rest" and the rest of the song came together
Test of Time: moderate tempo, song I co-wrote
Wedding Band: slow, about woman who wonders if she & her husband can still make it work
Worse Than a Broken Heart: happy melody, upbeat

Pop Songs:

Baby You are Mine: sugary, upbeat
Desperately: ballad

All songs written by Allison McCulloch except where noted
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