Table of Contents, Cowritten


Brent Lumkin

Ain't No Turnin' Back
Always Forever Love Ya0
*At Least Not To My Mind
Crystal Clear
Cupid's Arrow
Do It All Again
Don't Break the Heart that Loves You
Dreaming of His Love
Fading Memory
Fell in Love With You Last Night
First Move
Hello Mama
I have My Doubts
In a Single Breath
I Never Thought
In My Dreams
Inside My Heart
I've Seen the Light
Like I Did With You
Love is a Chance
Loving Me, Loving You
Low Down and Out
Meant For Me
*My Heart Gets Going
Out of My Mind
Please Don't Say Goodbye
Reminds Me of You
Shadows on the Wall, The
She'll Always Apologize
Solid As Stone
Still Makin' Me Blue
Survival of the Fittest
*Test of Time
They'll Survive
This is For Real
To Be in Love
Up in Heaven A-Cryin'
Up in Heaven High Above
What Would You Do
When I Had You
You Can't Deny

Tara Muck
Falling Stars
One More Song
On Your Love
She Keeps Running
With You
You Can Go

Carrie Johnson

Michael Lerman (1)
*If You Will Be Mine

Jim Malec
My Own Definition

Joe Mangiardi 3
My Mistake

*Hold You in My Arms

Mellisa L Cairns
Lasting Faith
Paul Revere
Who is God to You

Fritz Souder
When You Were Near

All songs are co-written by me and someone else in this notebook.
-Allison McCulloch