Adam Sandler, by Allison M.
Adam Sandler

I'm writing this song cause I know I won't remember
I'm infatuated with you, I don't think this'll last forever
From the first time I heard you sing
(I'd die for a kiss from Allison) I imagined you sang to me

Adam Sandler
I don't like Brad Pitt
Don't like the Backstreet Boys
And Heath Ledger I'm sick of him
Adam Sandler
Will you marry me
I will
Make you Happy

Every time I'm down I go to the video store
And rent all the Adam Sandler movies I've seen before
I like the Waterboy even though you talk so dumb
And Happy Gilmore golfing for your grandmum

Repeat Chorus

I got all your CDs
Will you go out with me please
I just want to know
But if the answer is no
Please don't tell me so

Repeat Chorus

Happy as you made me
I will�
Make you happy

(Repeat chorus)
� 5/26/00 Allison M.

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