Any Other Guy, by Allison McCulloch
Any Other Guy


Well you tried to be romantic
But that was a gigantic mistake
Cause I can't imagine kissing you missing you
Only dissing you, blacklisting you
 Yeah you're all that I could take

Give me any other love, any other guy
He could be condescending, make me cry
As long as I'm not with you
And you tell me that we're through
I'll fight any other fight and I'll get through this night
Just look at yourself and you'll see why
Give me any other love, any other guy

Well faithfulness is not the key
You see there's more to love than that
I want tenderness and togetherness
Not a jerky pest who's such a mess
That'll strand me at the drop of a hat

I don't mean to be rude
But dude you make me brood
How'd you ever
Picture us together
That's just so very crude

(Repeat chorus)
11/19/01 Allison McCulloch

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