Chorus:	I can make you sound devious
	I can make you a genius
	I can make you feel substantially better
	Unless you're obsessed with your pain
	I can make you sound devious

Never trust anyone and always think twice
I'd understand if you were cautious of my advice
Are we competitive or should we join (our) hands
Will we change the world or will you steal my plans

You should only feel threatened if you take credit from me
Because there's no way you can eliminate me
I'll be there to haunt you, I'll be there to remind you
Don't go on the run, because I certainly will find you

Just be careful how you deem me
Just be aware that how you see me
Might not be the way things appear

Iíve only been betrayed before
I donít want to keep begging for more
Iím not the one who chose to live in fear
Iím not the one who should be living in fear

© 11/19/2000, Allison McCulloch