If It Weren't For Your Love, by Allison McCulloch
If It Weren't For Your Love

Frustrated by apathy I turn to indifference
If only someone saved me long ago
Would I have fallen helpless and heartless
Well I have but baby even so

If it weren't for your love
Maybe I'd be less concerned
If it weren't for your love
I'd probably've not been burned
But so as it is
You try to make up for it
Cause you know it wouldn't be your fault I turned out so rough
Oh oh If it weren't for your love

Finally it's over but I still bear the scars
It seems like a million years but it's been hours
The break of day is coming out my way
I would smile, but it's not in my power

Now you send
An open invatation
Now you shout 
A happy exclamation
If I don't like being alone
out on my own
Why don't I come home, but

(Repeat chorus)
8/5/01 Allison McCulloch

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