psycho generation, by Allison McCulloch
Psycho Generation

My parents were from a Psycho Generation 
They expect my actions to follow in the opposite direction
That's OK, cause I don't wanna turn out like they did
But cut me some slack, cause I'm just a kid

I'm not always right, but neither are you guys
Don't like the way you support your agenda with lies
You pull this when I'm trying to figure what this all means
I just can't wait until I turn eighteen

They smoked marijuana and got worse grades
Mom doesn't even know how to put my hair in braids
That's alright, don't want you to touch me anyway
You promise me college money then hand the bill for me to pay

Yeah, I'm more responsible
But that's not what I wanted
I might explode and become undependable
Or stay forever haunted

(Repeat chorus)
3/21/02 Allison McCulloch

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