Put Yourself in My Place, by Allison McCulloch
Put Yourself in My Place

Iíd love to be-serious, Iíd love to tell you how I really feel
But you always get Ėso furious, Everything is such a big deal

Put yourself in my place
What would you change
Iíll do the same for you
And try to see what youíre going through
Put yourself in my place
Donít get in my face
You canít make it any tougher
It just canít get any harder
Iím feeling used and Iím feeling rage
Put yourself in my place

You donít understand, you said we canít compromise
You want it your ways, What a surprise

Ooh-ooh-oo-oo-ooh - -
You just gave me something to prove
Quit denying 
That youíre lying
Iím not buying
That Iím not trying

© 3/7/02 Allison McCulloch

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