Lonely As I'll Ever Be, by Allison McCulloch

Lonely As I'll Ever Be

I used to dream that you would be mine
You were the man I always hoped to find
But I couldn't (find) the words to say
How you made me feel the way I did
Time passed, and I held back
I never paused to think that
You'd move on like the wind

  And now I'm lonely 
  As I'll ever be
  Just to look in your eyes
  Calmed my misery
  But now you're gone
  And I've no chance
  To find if you love me
  So I'm lonely as I'll ever be

I used to care for the dances at the barn
I'd get to see you take a girl, then spin others with your charm
But now I relish in the days gone past
Why did I think they'd last-for as long as I lived
Now a raging river flows
Though what I used to call my soul-and I cry for what might have been

(instrumental) Bridge:
1/17/00, Allison McCulloch

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