If I Can Dream, by Allison McCulloch If I Can Dream  

Rain isn't here to stay
I feel alone and so I call your name
I need to feel better
I need to see the light
So show me the way
Or tell me everything's alright

If I Can Dream
Maybe it'll come true
If I Pray
Maybe you'll hear me
Even though sorrow and pain
Seem to be near me
Maybe you can ease
My pain because you see
You give if I can believe
If I Can Dream

So you are the brighest shining star
And where I am, there You are
I need to let go of this burden
And give it all to you
I've been silent too long
When you've been seein' what I'm going through


Dream dream dream
I'm gonna have faith and believe
(Repeat chorus)
6/6/01 Allison McCulloch

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