I'll Always Know

by Allison McCulloch
  What if our prayers make angels fly
& our fears show how much we don't love

You can say I'm close minded
But I'll always believe in some things
I've changed my mind
About who I am,

But I'll always know
Jesus died for me…
I'll always know

I cried cause she told me that my mother
Loved my brother more than me
Sometimes I wish my heart had been shattered
But it was broken carefully

I am weak
I need your hand to
Lead me to rest
You are My God
I pray with my hands
Dear God
Hold me
Hold me


I've said the wrong thing before
(hold me in Your hand)
I've said, the wrong thing
(Hold me…) 2X

E) Instrumental

You can say anything
But I'll always know

*if you've somehow found this, this is just a draft