I Want You Back, by Allison McCulloch

I Want You Back

I knew if I held tighter you'd fun away faster
And I knew that I loved you but the idea of "Master"
Was too much for you to take in
I wanted to offer you a place to begin
Don't want you swallowed by guilt of your sin

And I- I- I- I Want You Back
I want you back
I understand you lost your way
But the debt is cleared, the price is paid
Don't sink down on shifting sand
Don't get caught up in how you lack
I've been there in pain and I understand
And I- I- I- I Want You Back

So you felt down that don't mean you can't come home
Your friends abandoned you but that don't mean you're alone
In this world it can be hard to stand
But if you fall you can rise again
Yeah I know how hard it's been

It sounds so simple
Yet it's hard to concede
To let it all go and show you have a need, but

(Repeat chorus)
11-17-00 Allison McCulloch

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