I Was Wrong, by Allison McCulloch I Was Wrong  

You quoted a line to me
And I felt deep empathy
And then you yelled a phrase and I knew
I was through with you

I used to be innocent
Til I asked you how you'd been
You just looked at me & cried
Well, I thought only fooled and drunks had ruined lives

But I Was Wrong
I Was Wrong
I regret I did not cherish you
As I should have
As I would have
Yeah, I failed your expectations
And baby you failed mine
Honey, but still, I Was Wrong

And then I thought I'd forgotten all about my past
Until I was expected to answer what you asked
I thought pain would never come again
But when I heard (of your death) that's when I knew

(Repeat chorus)
2/99 Allison McCulloch

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