Make Me New, by Allison McCulloch Make Me New  

I was wondering what I'd say to you if I had a chance
Well I did so I said, "here I am"
And I think my prayer's changed over time
More like "help me" or "hold me" instead of "please just show a sign"

Look at the struggle, look at my life
I wish I could tell you things were going alright
I have a little fear so be with me
Through the water through the fire through the insanity
And make me make me new
And make me make me new

Things have been dragging so I forgot You
And it must have slipped my mind: all You went through
But I'm here again or rather you have called my name
Letting me back in to the throne to receive grace

(Repeat chorus)
6/9/00 Allison McCulloch

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