mold me, by Allison McCulloch mold me  

1: I realize what a fool I was 
Trusting anyone but You
The whole world has let me down
And only You will pull me through
Sometimes I wish things were calms and secure all the time
But you've seen me through the fire, You've opened up my eyes
I wanna be bold, wanna be brave
But just look at what I became
I'm so weak and I've turned cold
Can you mold me
I wanna be You, I wanna be love
More than just enough
Here you are like I was told
Can you mold me
2: You're my only reassureance
In a world full of deceit
You're my bread, my living water
All I'll ever need
Here's your humble servant, a witness to your strength
How can I adore you? I want to all my days

(Repeat chorus)
Allison McCulloch

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