At Least Not To My Mind

by Brent Lumkin
and Allison McCulloch

D                           G
When I close my eyes
D		     A
You are all that I see
                     D                G
And when I listen to the silence
   D                            A
I hear you sayin' you love me

D             G                        Bm
Everywhere I seem to go
               Gsus                  Asus A
You are still right by my side
Bm		        A
Nothing to me has changed
      D                A		D G D A Bm Gsus Asus A
At least not to my mind

D                  G
When I fall asleep
        D                            A
You are all that's in my dreams
D                           G
And when I try to think
   D			          A
I think of the love you once had for me
(repeat chorus)

Bm	        F#                                  Bm     G Asus
I'll pretend you don't love someone new
         G                       D
And that you are not gone
G                                  A
That you're here each evenin'
         F#	                    Bm      G A
And did not leave me here alone
(repeat chorus)