Grow In Love 

I used to lie in bed at night, 
And dream of fallin’ in love, 
Close my eyes and drift off to dream, 
Hoping’ to wake to all I’d dreamed of, 
Then one day it happened, 
I opened my eyes, 
I met you, 
And I realized. 

(Chorus) I want so much more with you, 
I want our love to grow, 
‘Till we can’t ever let go, 
We’re one of a kind, 
The perfect love song, 
I don’t want to fall in love with you, 
‘Cause we might hit rock bottom, 
I want to grow, 
I want to grow in love with you. 

We’ll plant the seeds of true emotion, 
Deep down inside our souls, 
Live each moment day by day, 
Only God up in Heaven knows, 
The true potential, 
For our two hearts, 
But I felt forever, 
From the start. 

(Bridge) As each year passes us by, 
Our love will grow till the day we die. 

(Chorus 2X)

(Repeat chorus)
© 2001 Allison McCulloch & Brent Lumkin (words)

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