Low Down and Out

Low Down and Out

I was sitting on the corner stool, 
Downin’ doubles in a smoke filled room, 
Had no clue what to do, 
But sit and think of you, 
Bartender said son you better get goin’, 
In just a few we’re gonna be closin’, 
At that moment I began knowin’ 
That I was low down and out. 

(Chorus) I’m feelin’ so guilty, 
For all I did to you, 
Now I’m downin’ myself, 
Realizing the truth, 
I took your heart for granted, 
I’m hatin’ lonely now, 
Just an ol blue fool, 
Low down and out. 

Tomorrow became yesterday, 
I wanna go back but there ain’t no way, 
There’s nothing left to say, 
I guess it’s done too late, 
I walked out the door left you all alone, 
If only I’d known what I was doin’ was wrong, 
Baby I’d still be home, 
Not down and out. 

(Bridge) I was low down, 
To do you like that, 
Now I’m down and out, 
Wonderin’ where you’re at. 

(Chorus 2X)

(Repeat chorus)
© Allison McCulloch, Brent Lumkin

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