Allison McCulloch PO Box 22146 Nashville TN 37202-2146 Test of Time © 1999 Words by: Brent Lumkin Music by: Allison McCulloch It'd been five long years since that fateful night When the storm clouds started to form He looked into her deep blue eyes And broke his promise of forever he'd sworn She didn't know what to say She just felt as if her world had slipped away So she turned to him and with tears in her eyes And told him true love will stand the test of time Chorus: If love is meant to be Then you can set it free Cause it will come back to you True love will stand the test of time True love will stand the test of time Both moved on with their lives Both got good jobs and settled down But they both knew something was missin' And it wasn't the huggin' or kissin' Both had lovers since they broke apart But no one seemed to hold the key to their hearts They both knew who that someone was They just wondered where that person was (Repeat Chorus) He finally got courage to call her up She was surprised and felt joy back in her heart They decided to meet and that small café On the edge of town where they first met They hoped within their hearts Burned the same passion that was there at the start Well she walked in and saw him sittin' alone At that two person booth where their love was first sworn (Repeat Chorus) Bridge: When their eyes met they both knew it was there So they sat speechless and continued to stare (Repeat Chorus)