Up in Heaven High Above, by Allison McCulloch & Brent Lumkin

Up in Heaven High Above

by Allison McCulloch & Brent Lumkin (c) 2000

 Since Grandpa passed away old memories are comin' up
Of how he'd take me fishin' and drive me round in his ol' truck
Oh how the years drifted by; it seems like only yesterday
That we were working in the fields, bailing up all that hay, but

I know that Grandpa is singin' with the angels UP IN HEAVEN HIGH ABOVE
He has no more pain or suffering; he'll never grow old again
He now spends his days with the Lord, praising His holy name
And I can get by knowing that Grandpa is looking down on us all

Just the other day I talked to him again
'Bout how times have changed and how Grandma's been
Then as I walked from his grave with tears in my eyes
I whispered "I love you" and told him goodbye, Oh

(Repeat chorus)

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