About to Be Lonely, by Allison McCulloch
About to Be Lonely  

Now that I can wait, I'm forced to move on
But I'll never feel nostalgic, when I'm gone
Forget the goodtime, cause they'll never last
I'll forget you, we're just a thing of the past

I'm about to be lonely
about to be frustrated
Love, being with someone
Can be so overrated
I'm used to the rain
Being misunderstood
I'm about to be lonely
And I hope it's for good

Fight with me baby, complacency won't make things right
I'm tired of having you tell me things in black and white
You can't handle the shadows, things are turning gray
And I can't see why everything has to be your way

I'm finding peace, i'm finding strength
But simultaneously I'm so enraged
Why do you have to be the freak
Pulling me down, making me weak

(Repeat chorus)
4/28/02 Allison McCulloch

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