Aghast, by Allison McCulloch

What did you think? You'd get away with recklessness
Don't blame me this time, I've nothing to confess
I wish you paid attention or that you even cared
I wish you said you loved me, but have you ever dared
The bills remain upaid
And you left my heart scathed
Yeah, you've run amouk
Now you're the sitting duck

You're spoiled milk, you're rotten eggs
Now it's your turn to beg
You were first, now you're last
Look at what you've done, What you've become
Don't run too fast
You'll have to speak to me
And it wouldn't be pretty
I'm aghast

I have no respect for the type of person you are
You'll promise me the world, sure even the stars
But when it all comes down, you'll forsake me when I'm in need
Thought you were different from the rest, but I was naive
If you can't stand tall
I don't want you at all
Yeah, you've crossed the line
And I won't be undermined

Sometimes I'm fed up
And wish you'd shut up
Wish I'd get up from this dream
But it's oddly clear
Just like my fear
This sure is reality

Look at what you've done
What you've become

(Repeat chorus)
3/12/03 Allison McCulloch

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