All Because of You, by Allison McCulloch

All Because of You

I guess they're makin' better movies these days
And it must not've been depression, just a temperamental phase
There's a traffic jam but I don't feel like screaming
What's wrong with me I think I must be dreaming

I guess I woke up this morning
And honey you were gone
I just kept wondering and waiting
For something to go wrong
But the sky kept clearing up
And my heart's no longer blue
I never stopped to think
It was All Because of You

I used to wish for the midnight train to come and take me
I used to cry at the thought you'd ever forsake me
But I have no one to tell me how wrong things are
Everything's great, and I'm not taking your absence hard

(Repeat chorus)
?5/29/00 Allison McCulloch

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