All the Faith I Had, by Allison McCulloch

All the Faith I Had

Forget what I said about true lovin'
It hit me from behind, didn't see it was comin'
You sure looked good when I was blind
I'd ask you to stick around if you were my kind

but tell me this
is it my kiss
or do you hang around me cause of loneliness

Oh - (oh)
How did you know
The only way to get to me
was to hurt me so
Yeah - (yeah)
Made me cry so bad
I let you take all the faith I had

It never works when you try again
But sweet heart I'm a woman so just say when
You wanna come back home and renew our commitment
This looks like a trap but I'm falling in it

Tell me why
There's tears in my eyes
Whether you stay or say goodbye


But hey now baby wanna try again
Give me back all the faith I had

(Repeat chorus)
10/16/00 Allison McCulloch

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