BACK TO ME, by Allison McCulloch


If I ever happened to lose you
I'd cross out climbing those mountains
Or swimming those seas
Because while I was out
Unaware of my doubt
I bet you'd come running back to me

Who was the fool who said love is blind
You'd think he'd gone and lost his mind
I know what I'm doing, and don't tell me I should
Do anything for you, cause I don't think I would

I won't question you to death and ask if you care
Baby I can just promise, I will be there
You may want me to lie for you, honey I'd just cry for you
If you searched for new horizons while I proved my love was true

I bet you'd see
How lonely you'd be
How true love is strong and
All you'll ever need
(Repeat chorus)
6/4/00 Allison McCulloch

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