Can't Take the Heat, by Allison McCulloch
Can't Take the Heat  

Whoa this is getting serious, I see the look in your eye
I've gotta stop you before you think you're mine
You ain't that bad, but I'll be glad to see you go
I better tell you, just so you'll know

I ain't got no longing feelings
Look at my face, it can be revealing
I'll spell it out, so there's no doubt
If you can't take a hint, I'll start yelling out loud
I wish you the best, just like the rest
But I know our love just won't pass the test
You ask me why I'm packing, like you've got me beat
Yeah, I like your lovin' but I can't take the heat

I like things real slow and you're moving real fast
There's some things about you I just can't see past
I don't wanna try and make things work
Cause what happens when life throws that curve, Oh

needs to be rewritten

(Repeat chorus)
11/20/02 Allison McCulloch

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