Crazy Life, by Allison McCulloch
Crazy Life  

What if it turned out to be different but it didn't
What if I were holding you tonight
Maybe I wouldn't be crying all these tears
If we had never said goodbye, but

Now I'm only waiting for the heavens
To open up and rain down on me
Only a miracle can make things all right
But maybe that's just not meant to be
So now I'm lonesome
Lonesome for now
I tired of seeing/How
many times
I've missed all the signs
Of this Crazy Life

Blissful one moment, then up creeps a storm
Just don't wash me away
There's nothing left, now that you're gone
I can only hope for a better someday

Oh-oh, oh-oh
I'm falling
I'm fighting back all the tears
And all my fears

(Repeat chorus)
7/13/01 Allison McCulloch

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