Deeper Than You'll Ever Know, by Allison McCulloch
Deeper Than You'll Ever Know  

I'd like to think you're thinking of me
But what if I'm the furthest things from your mind
What if we are never to be
I'm not sure I could leave you behind

I knew it in an instant
There's a hold you have on me
Baby, you're so different
and I've always wanted to be free
But one thing I ask just don't let me go
Or will heart will hurt Deeper Than You'll Ever Know

I have a problem, always thinking I'm right
I didn't mean to make you turn away
I know that right now we're caught in a fight
I want you to forgive me, please don't make me pay

I feel anguished
Not being with you
Be my baby
I will prove
You're the only one that matters to me
I'll make it up for all eternity, oh
(Repeat chorus)
12/26/2001 Allison McCulloch

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