Don't Wish Too Hard, by Allison McCulloch Don't Wish Too Hard  

I hope you're not projecting
And I hope you're not expecting
Me to go your way any time soon
I hope you don't think I'm cute
And that you don't refute
My (wish) to send you to the moon
	Don't Wish Too Hard you're not going to get me
	But you might upset me if you keep on like this
	Don't Wish Too Hard for this kind of lovin'
	You ain't got nothin' but a little kiss
	Don't Wish too Hard, baby Don't you dare
	Don't Wish too Hard, cause darlin I just don't care
I don't know what drew me in
Don't know what made me spin
But I'm lookin' straight past you now
Why you hangin' on
Like our love ain't gone
Wish I could get through somehow

	Bridge:	I don't mean to be cruel
		But you're such a fool
		Can't you see
		How you're maddening me

(Repeat chorus)
April 2, 2001 Allison McCulloch

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