Don't You Know, by Allison McCulloch

Don't You Know

I know I'll never have a chance with you
And it's not likely fate will kindly glance my way
Maybe it's because you're the one everyone wants
Or maybe it's because I'll never say

Don't You Know I would love to
Take you in my arms and love you
But there's nothing that I can do
    So I'll let you go
I would die to kiss you
And when we must part I'll miss you
I want you to feel my love's true
Don't you know

We started talking and things were going well
But it seemed you needed a reason to go on
I'd like you to try for my love, but by now you've given up
You must think I don't care, but you're wrong

(Repeat chorus)
2/8/01 Allison McCulloch

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