Fate's Hinting, by Allison McCulloch
Fate's Hinting  

I thought I'd never run into you in the bar
Cause I thought you gave me up cause I drank so hard
So a girl's done you wrong and you wanna drink away the pain
Now that you know how I'm feelin, we should go out again
 You weren't exciting enough and she hit the road
 With me and you vice versa, that's the way things go, but

I think fate's hinting
We should get back together
And you and I both know 
That it's Now or Never
I think we both know now
How rare true love can be
Yeah, I think fate's hinting 
That you get with me

I thought you only wanted a car to get you there

(Repeat chorus)
9/9/01 Allison McCulloch

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