Give It a Try, by Allison McCulloch
Give It a Try  

Letís face it, our love is dyiní
Iím telling you now so we can start tryiní
We put it on autopilot a few years back
Maybe we should pick up the slack

I canít save us on my own
So I guess Iím not willing to face this alone
Are you up for some hard work or heartache
Iím willing to do whatever it takes

I donít know how we let it slip
But baby letís both get a grip
Forget all Iíve done
And Iíll forgive all your lies
Oh hey baby
Letís give it a try

Youíre starting to make me laugh again
I start to cry cause of how long itís been
No I donít feel bad I feel so good
Just like I hoped that maybe I would

I almost feel the same way I did at the start
Baby I think youíre stealing my heart
Take it as quick as you possibly can
Iím sure our love could still use a hand

Did it turn out this way
We couldíve just as easily
Said goodbye

I think
This might
Just work
Out rightÖ
Oh hey baby,
Letís give it a try

(Repeat chorus)
© 6/19/2001 Allison McCulloch

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