Going to Leave, by Allison McCulloch

Going to Leave

Walk Me To Door
I've never done this before
But I won't let you get the best of me
You've made me cry
I was afraid to say goodbye
This time I'm not turning back, I'm going to leave

You get up in my face and tell me
What you want, what you know
But what you don't know is that I'm getting sick of you
I've been patient, I've been kind
Forgiven you a thousand times
But I don't like what you keep on putting me through
(repeat chorus)

You talk of your good intentions
and have apologized for how things have turned
You say c'est la vie, what a simple twist of fate
Since you persisted in using that tone
You should have known that I might go
I'm not going to change my mind now baby it's too late
(repeat chorus)

You beg me to stay
But I'm glad to get away
I've been dreaming of this moment now for quite sometime....
6/17/1999, Allison McCulloch

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