The Hard Way, by Allison McCulloch

The Hard Way

I'm gonna learn The Hard Way
That there are no guarantees
I'm gonna learn The Hard Way
That you're the one for me
cause I'd give you anything I've got
What if you're the one instead of not
I don't care what you're gonna say
I'm gonna learn The Hard Way

How is love supposed to be?
A romance or a tragedy
Or love left behind to get ahead
We just seem right
And just the other night
I paid attn to somethin you said

(repeat chorus)

Our love was only so far along
when your eyes said somethin was wrong
I said darlin, "What could it be?"
You said, "Baby it's true
I'm just not the one for you
I've decided our love is history"

(repeat chorus)

Every day is a struggle
Cause you just can't take it
The thought that maybe you were wrong
And our love just might make it...

(repeat chorus)
(Repeat chorus)
2001 Allison McCulloch

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