Here Comes Mama, by Allison McCulloch
Here Comes Mama  

I couldn't be happier if I were in jail
If the train on the track went off the rail
Yeah one of these days I'm gonna explode
And you'll reap all that you've sowed

Oh here comes Mama
And she ain't happy 
Don't tell me I'm a little bit snappy
Cause you've had it your way
Oh any way you wanna
But you better stand back (watch out)
Cause here comes Mama

I tried so hard to make things just right
But everything turns into a fight
Nothing's good enough, not even my best
You make me wanna leave you for some place out west

There's no talking to you
Not thru your thick skull
A compliment from you 
Would be a miracle


You don't appreciate
Anything I do
So how 'bout I leave
Everything to you
(Repeat chorus)
3/21/2003 Allison McCulloch

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