Heís Gonna Fall, by Allison McCulloch
Heís Gonna Fall  

Well he broke up last night with the girl that we thought
He would spend his life with, but now heís not
Heads are turniní at the office
Girls are making their move
Heís turned them all down
Why? Theyíll find out soon

Heís Gonna Fall, heís gonna sweat 
When I play hard to get
I know he thinks Iíll be so easy
To get in his arms
But heís gonna have to try if heís gonna be mine
He just canít have it a-a-a-all, heís gonna fall

When he asked me out very casually
I looked around and then asked are you talking to me
I turned him down cold
And he said he didnít care
How heíd ask again
Until I said Iíll see you there

Iím not trying to be mean
Iím just trying to be sure
That you really want me
Even if itís inconvenient
I still think Iím being lenient
I just want to have some fun
And it canít do much harm

I really care about him, heís such a doll
But heís gonna fall

(Repeat chorus)
© 9/9/01 Allison McCulloch

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